The Vectoryfloor Photography

Hey, I'm Nathalie Gratia, or Vectoryfloor to most people, living in a small town, nearby a big city, in a big country. But that's not of much importance.

What is important though, my images. I'm a photographer for Alamy, Getty Images and iStock. What do I shoot? Food mainly, because food doesn't get tired of posing and it won't talk to me while I try to catch its best side.

Any deep thoughts on my work? I like to get up-close (yes, macro photography) to a chocolate bar or coffee bean, to reveal what's normally hidden to the naked eye.

Most of my images are dark, black, as it focuses on a subject (pun intended), making it stand out and forcing distractions to the background.

An image has to be pleasing to the eye, following certain lines, colors that match and add up to each other.

And that to me is what it's all about: taking photographs is like painting a picture in pixels.

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