Thanks for visiting me! I am Nathalie Gratia, founder of TheVectoryfloor. I work as a food photographer and digital illustrator. 

Currently you can find my photos on several stock sites, or if you more into artwork and home decor, on Print on Demand sites (links here).

Most of my food photos are dark with a rustic feel to draw attention to the main subject. It gives a chiaroscuro effect you see in paintings of the Old Dutch Master painters like Rembrandt. It is an interaction between light and dark to use strong contrasts and to keep the background and props dark and muted. 

Just recently I picked up drawing again after so many years, not on a canvas or paper anymore but on my iPad. My illustrations are bright, perky and bubbly. I was born and raised in the Netherlands before moving abroad. What better way to keep in touch with the Dutch Low Lands than by making illustrations on typically Dutch subjects like your ol’ windmill or wooden shoes. 

My illustrations can be found on several Print on Demand sites (links here). 

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, remarks, or just want to say hello!